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Nissan Micra Elle Wallpapers

Nissan Micra Elle Wallpapers
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Nissan Micra Elle Wallpapers Nissan Micra Elle Wallpapers Nissan Micra Elle Wallpapers

Normally we would shrug our shoulders and continue walking when we see a special performance of a Nissan Micra, but in this case there are a few nice models drummed up for the photo shoot, and we make an exception.
A piece of target marketing is unavoidable if you have a car like a Micra, because I can not remember ever a man (or a young woman) in a Micra. The car is then also touted as the perfect car for the woman who loves the city life.

Under the hood is a 1.2-liter three-cylinder, with or without compressor, enough for the city. How Chanel-/Hermes-/Gucci-winkeltassen rear fit is not mentioned. The photo gallery, full of fruity models consistently looking away from the camera, see above.
The Micra ELLE is on the Paris Motor Show. Whether the ladies are trotted out is not known, but we expect that this might be a big drain on the budget.