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Caterham Superlight R600 Caterham Superlight R600 Caterham Superlight R600

A few weeks ago a teaser Caterham hurled the world into a new supercharged model. This appears to be theo Superlight R600, with a 275 Nm strong 270hp/ 2.0 Duratec on board.
It is not really new, actually it’s just another Lotus Seven Replica, but a bit more powerful. This is especially a car for the small but loyal fanbase of Caterham, wanting a better horsepower to weight ratio (a weight is not listed, but expected a little more than 500 kg).

The new featherweight may be ordered, but existing customers with their voiture R300 can also be upgraded. And admit it, only the new nice supercharger (great to hear from your Caterham) would already make you want it?
This race-ready Caterham Titan comes with limited-slip differential and radial Avon slicks or rain tires. Don’t Let Uncle Agent catch you on the road. Price Tag? 44.995 GBP, about 56,000 euro.
A ‘new’ Caterham, 99% won’t really get upset by it (unless if it’s the SP/300.R), but the remaining 1% is seriously gritty.

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